Web Design

Are you ready to grab the opportunity to build a career in the software industry? Do not think twice if you are planning to get into web designing. In today’s market maximum software companies are looking for the skillful web designers due to its stunning popularity. The demand of web designers is getting higher with times due to the craze of internet and multi-media sources. This absolutely alluring career option is only turned into reality if you choose a branded and reputed web designing institute like Eminence Digitech which provides best services for web design courses in Kolkata.

The syllabus of web designing is having huge contents. The entire syllabus is divided into seven different modules. Every module is also having multiple different topics. Web designing is a brand new and absolutely advanced filled of software so the syllabus of web designing is vast enough. You can learn about the web designing templates, HTML and HTML5, CSS, website design project, basic JavaScript, browser compatibility, media screen, bootstrap, bootstrap framework, audio and video tags and many more new chapters.

Course Module

Module: 1 Design Website Template

  • 1.1 Use of template designing tools
  • 1.2 Concept of web page design
  • 1.3 Various web page templates design

Module: 2 Introduction To HTML & HTML5

  • 2.1 Introduction to Web Technologies
  • 2.2 HTML 5 tags
  • 2.3 Header,Nav,Main,Section,Article tags
  • 2.4 Aside,Figure,Dialog,Details,Summary and Footer tags
  • 2.5 Mark,Figcaption,Code and Cite tags
  • 2.6 Audio and Video tags
  • 2.7 Input tag new attributes and values
  • 2.8 Buttons,Datalist,Required,Placeholder and Autofocus
  • 2.9 Using HTML tags in realtime websites
  • 2.10 HTML Validators

Module: 3 Introduction To CSS

  • 3.1 Css Types
  • 3.2 CSS Advanced Techniques & Topics
  • 3.3 CSS Media Types

Module: 4 Introduction To Responsive Design & Bootstrap Framework

  • 4.1 Css Types
  • 4.2 Media screen
  • 4.3 Using css media queries
  • 4.4 Introduction to Bootstrap
  • 4.5 Installation of Bootstrap
  • 4.6 Realtime page design using bootstrap

Module: 5 XHTML Rules, W3C Validation & Browser Compatibility

  • 5.1 DOCTYPE validation through W3C live site
  • 5.2 Browser compatibility

Module: 6 Basics Of JavaScript, Implementing JQuery & Web 2.0 Design Guideline

  • 6.1 Implementing JavaScript
  • 6.2 JQurey into website

Module: 7 Website Design Project

  • 7.1 Planning the Website
  • 7.2 Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
  • 7.3 Creating project using Bootstrap
  • 7.4 Integration of Features using JS and jQuery

Module: 8 Project

  • 8.1 Real life project on Web design

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