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PHP is one of the top ranking skills in the field of JOB. The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. Few institutes are familiar with the Standard PHP program in Kolkata. Eminence Digitech is an exception as it is one of the best training institutes for the established PHP courses in Kolkata. You would be highly qualified for PHP jobs in all around the country if you do PHP courses from our institute. PHP is absolutely a fresh field of software industry so the vacancy for the posts is abundant. To get a reputed job in the PHP market you just need to be trained well and for this reason, Eminence Digitech is here in Kolkata just for the newcomers like you.

A moderate yet extremely informative syllabus we follow to teach about the PHP to our students. The syllabus is divided into five module papers. In first module paper, you would learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The paper also contains image, useful plugins and Jquery concept. The basic of PHP is in the second module paper whereas the third module paper is having the details of MySQL databases. Through module four you would learn encapsulation, polymorphism, construction, deconstruction and inheritance like many other topics. The fifth and the last module paper is having the information of codeigniter framework and MVC architecture.

Course Module

Module: 1 HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • 1.1 HTML Tags, Table/Div
  • 1.2 Forms, image,form
  • 1.3 Css syntax,selectors ,css properties
  • 1.4 Javascript concept,javascript events
  • 1.5 Various types of validation
  • 1.6 Jquery concept
  • 1.7 Usefull plugins

Module: 2 PHP Basics

  • 2.1 PHP Basics
  • 2.2 Conditions and Branches
  • 2.3 Loops
  • 2.4 Variables and Arrays
  • 2.5 Strings
  • 2.6 Functions

Module: 3 MySQL Databases

  • 3.1 Database Basics
  • 3.2 Loading a Database
  • 3.3 MySQL command Interpreter
  • 3.4 Creating a database
  • 3.5 Modifying a database
  • 3.6 Administering a database

Module: 4 Object Oriented Programming Concept In PHP

  • 4.1 Object Oriented Programming through PHP with all types of MySql operation
  • 4.2 Detail knowledge about class
  • 4.3 Object, inheritance, polymorphism
  • 4.4 different types of variable in a class
  • 4.5 encapsulation, Constructor, Destructor, Abstract class

Module: 5 MVC Architecture, CodeIgniter

  • 5.1 Code writing in MVC architecture
  • 5.2 Knowledge of Codeigniter framework

Module: 6 Project

  • 6.1 Real life project on Php Training

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