Graphic Design

Is it your dream to pursue in the field of graphic designing? Then join Eminence Digitech without wasting your time. Eminence Digitech has brought multiple modern graphic design courses in Kolkata which attracts the new age students of this field. The success level is extreme of the institution due to the advanced courses and interesting training procedure. The field of graphic designing is highly extended nowadays and Eminence Digitech is going higher and higher in a successive way in this field with a vast number of students.

Our graphic designing syllabus is moderate yet highly informative. The entire syllabus is divided into eight different module papers. The introduction of graphic design is combined with the first module. You would get the knowledge about basic designs in module two whereas the third module consists typography introduction. Color, advanced typography, and logotype design would be introduced through the module paper four, five and six respectively. Module seven helps in learning layout design whereas the end module helps in portfolio preparing.

Course Module

Module: 1 Sketching Basics

  • 1.1 Various Lines and Shading Techniques
  • 1.2 Light and Shade
  • 1.3 Views and Eye Levels
  • 1.4 Patterns
  • 1.5 Texture

Module: 2 Designing And Visualization Techniques And Typography

  • 2.1 Introduction to Designing and Visualization
  • 2.2 Introduction to Photoshop
  • 2.3 Thumbnail Sketching
  • 2.4 Layout designing
  • 2.5 Colour in Typography
  • 2.6 Key elements in typography
  • 2.7 Fonts and their characteristics

Module: 3 Page Layout Designing

  • 3.1 Construction and Designing of Publication
  • 3.2 Setting up Character Style

Module: 4 Logo Designing, Corporate Identity And Graphic Designing

  • 4.1 Introduction to illustrator
  • 4.2 Logo Designing using illustrator
  • 4.3 Introduction to Corel Draw
  • 4.4 Logo Designing using Coreldraw
  • 4.5 Evolution of Logos
  • 4.6 Logo design styles
  • 4.7 Designing corporate Identity

Module: 5 Photo Retouching And Image Editing

  • 5.1 Digital Photo editing
  • 5.2 Colour Modes and Models
  • 5.3 Manipulating Images
  • 5.4 Generating special effects
  • 5.5 Digital Photo Retouching
  • 5.6 Digital Painting

Module: 6 Project

  • 6.1 Real life project on Graphic design

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